Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Make sure that your friends/family/referrer/customer uses your personal discount code / link in order to earn the commission.

2. If friends or individual customers did not use your personal discount code / link to purchase, the referral / affiliate will not earn the commission. The company will not arrange commission for the specific order to referrals that his/her referrer or customers who did not uses their discount code / link to purchase.

3. Personal purchases will not receive a commission.

4. If there are no new referrer / customers for more than 3 months, the qualification of the referral / affiliate will also be cancelled, and the commission for returning customers will also be cancelled.

5. If you are found to be buying and selling in bulk, you will be disqualified as an referral / affiliate, and all the commission will also be cancelled/frozen.

6. If the referrer/customer places an order, but then returns the order, the commission will also be deducted.

7. SUB Beauty Skin / SUB Beauty Sdn Bhd reserves the right to review and amend the Terms & Conditions at any time


1. 一定要用个人的 discount code / link 已得到提成。

2. 如果朋友或个人顾客没用到 discount code / link 将不会得到提成。公司是不会帮链接没用 discount code / link 的顾客给与介绍人。

3. 个人购买不会得到提成

4. 超过 3 个月都没新顾客,介绍人资格也将会被取消,返回顾客的提成也将一起被取消。

5. 如果被发现大批量购买来卖,将会被取消资格成为介绍人,提成也将会被取消/冻结。

6. 如果推荐人 / 顾客下了单,但是之后又退单了, 提成也将会被扣除

7. SUB Beauty Skin / SUB Beauty Sdn Bhd 有权利随时审查和修改规则和条例