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Exhibit Natural Beauty that Mesmerize

“Wanting to appear and look your best isn’t wrong, and now you can too!”

We believe individual's confidence can be empowered throught the art of beauty.

At SUB Beauty, we believe nothing shines more than natural self-confidence andattracts like inner beauty.

Bringing out the unique beauty that exists in eachindividual has always been our long-term goal, implementing innovative moderntechnology into day-to-day skincare solutions and the magic of the vast-varietyhues of cosmetics and make-up.

How We Started

We gradually expanded from our facial and make-up roots  in 1992, started from facial and make-up services.

In 1995, we decided to come out with our own product which is more effective and at the same time, SAFE.

As we interviewed hundreds of women/men. We became more and more aware of how they look determined their confidence level. 

In the following year in 2002, We decided to enter the education industry, leading more people realise their dreams of achieving their goal to beauty.

We choose only the finest products as we care for our customer's well being

Quality Essentials,
Boost Self Confidence

Building self-confidence through beauty.

Design to best suit your beauty routine in mind

Our Values

Began with the prime objective of building confidence through beauty and guiding others to achieve their goals (beauty standards)

Beautiful skin is achievable , but it is easier said than done as it is arduous and here we can lead you to realize that dream.

Our products were design to best suit your beauty routine in mind. With us, you could find skincare, makeup, body care that will fit your routine perfectly and worth the space of your shelf.

Each and every product is thoroughly vetted through a full suite of tests that go beyond dermatologist testing and may include stability tests, sensory tests, clinical tests, ophthalmologist test, and its safe to use.

We love our loyal customers and are always open to discuss natural products and ingredients with anyone looking to make the switch for their beauty products! Please reach out and get in touch with us if you'd like to chat or have any questions about our values + products.

A Solution for Every Skin

Test, sample, try, improve, repeat...

Every single one of our products undergo trials of dermatology tests, lab tests, and more.. also tested on our staffs

Examining skin reactions, securing usage safety and user comfort has also been part ofthe behind-the-scenes making of every market product of ours.

Never Stop Advancing and Enhancing

From usability to package appearance, we hope to give you only the best!

Each of our releases are proud products of the supply of feedback, ideas, suggestions and comments from hundreds of honest interviewees and bold testers from the community.

These gathered treasures are what fuels SUB to continuously test and improve existing products and provides us the support to venture new ideas and combinations.