How to Apply 5D Mask

  1. Add 50ml of water for each pack (30g) and mix me well. Apply me evenly throughout your face.
  2. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Stay calm, avoid drastic facial expression and enjoy the masking process. Let me do the hard work.
  3. Peel me off by pulling away from your face in a gentle upward motion starting from your jaw line. Wash off any residue with cool or warm water.
  4. Use me 2 times a week for best result.

  1. 每包(30g)加 50ml水,搅拌均匀。把我均匀地涂抹在你的脸上。
  2. 敷上 15-20 分钟。保持冷静,避免过度的面部表情,享受敷面膜的过程。
  3. 面膜干了后从下巴线开始,以一个向上的方式将面膜从你的脸上撕掉。用凉水或温水洗掉任留在脸上的面膜。
  4. 每周最多可使用 2 次以获得最佳效果。